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  Poppin Cookin
Posted at 3/30/2017 12:18:00 AM

Poppin Cookin by Kracie ice cream set - Saw the reviews on this on Youtube with Xavier and have always been curious to try. From the making to the tasting. When we went to Singapore last week, I saw this on the shelf at 7eleven and just had to get it. Bought it for 5$, but friend said I could get it for RM 20 plus at malls in Kuching, which is still cheaper after converting the exchange rate.

The how-to written in Japanese at the back of the box. Had to rely on the pictures otherwise don't know how to do lor. wtf Lucky the pictures easy to understand.

After unboxing it. The contents are inside this plastic packaging, on top looks to be plates and cone covers that you can cut off.

The contents - pink powder pack (strawberry flavour), white powder pack in blue words (some white powder I assume the element to make the cream cold like ice cream), a pack of tiny sprinkles, piping bag, 1 sundae cup, wafers, 2 cones, a spoon, plastic compartment bowl

Cut the water bowl out of the plastic compartment. Put water inside and pour it onto each side of the compartment.

Powder into compartment next

Stir Stir Stir

Good activity for developing children's motor skills

Insert powder turned cream into piping bag, tie one end and cut off the other

Verdict : Disgustingly sweet flavour from the cream. Tasted minty at the same time. Altogether doesn't taste nice,even Xavier agree "MUMMY IT'S SO DISGUSTING" but he still eats it. Fortunately we didn't suffer any upset tummy afterwards means it's safe to eat, right? Nevertheless a fun activity to do; Xavier enjoys making this with me! I would buy it in the future, but only to play with it, not eat it. It's actually quite exciting to see the end of the two packets of powders. I saw there are other types of poppin cookin food such as burgers, sushi etc. Just google Poppin Cookin by Kracie!


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