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Malaysian should be familiar with the jingle on radio advertisements that goes "THE CHICKEENN RICE SHOOPPP.. CHICKEN RICE AND MORE. POK POK POK" I know I heard it one too many times as a child, and even now when I don't hear it, I'd still remember the sound of the lady singing the jingle. This kind of advertisements is what most would want to achieve as it has been awhile since I last listened to it, yet I still remember how it goes. 

Each time I passed by the restaurant I would sing the jingle out loud naturally. True story. 

The 17 years old Malaysia brand, Chicken Rice Shop, co-founded by a mother-daughter team spreads its wings to Sarawak, with today (28.3.2017) being their official media launch for the second outlet in East Malaysia, 89th outlet in Malaysia, after opening its doorsteps on September 2016 while their first outlet being in Miri. Specifically in VivaCity MegaMall, Kuching, the restaurant which is located on the third floor, showcassed its comfortable yet family-friendly designed restaurant.  Apart from their latest outlet here, they have also successfully entered Brunei and Myammar. The next confirm outlet for The Chicken Rice Shop is in the under construction Aeon Mall, Kuching. 

I manage to speak to the mother co-founder, Gaik Wong on a little history of The Chicken Rice Shop, she mentioned that since chicken rice is an easy, staple food for Malaysian, she feels that she can provide to all ages through the plentiful variations of chicken rice alongside with scrumptious side dishes. To add on, the chicken rice made was actually her personal recipe & she was very much inspired by her grandmother whom also sells chicken rice in a coffee shop at a railway road in Kuala Lumpur many many years ago.

Other than their signature chicken rice that comes in variants of steamed, roasted and soy sauce, they also feature 25 other local favourites such as the Hainanese Chicken Curry, Special Penang Chai Boay (Spicy Mixed Vegetables), Famous Stuffed Fish Balls and Penang Rojak, amongst many others.

With the Malaysian feeling, it is not enough with only to satisfy the cravings for food but also as most Malaysian loves hearing the word "promotion" and "sales", The Chicken Rice Shop offers attractive value meals and promotions from time to time. The current ongoing promotion is getting a quarter chicken, with a choice of either steamed, roasted or soy sauce flavours for only RM 1.80 !! Can you believe it or not ? This promotion is only available on the 18th of every month in conjunction with 18th June 2000 being The Chicken Rice shop date of birth. The only catch is you need to bring a friend to share this offer with and is only applicable to dine in only.

Mother-Daughter team, Gaik Wong and Wong Kah Lin during the launching photo session, accompanied with girls, respectively clad in Bidayuh and Iban outfits, traditional costumes for Sarawak.

Among the choices of food serves this afternoon :

Signature Roasted Chicken

Signature steamed Chicken Rice

Ayam Ranggup Berapi - this was for their Chinese New Year promotion, which will end this month and is fried with Mister Potato chips.


Chicken Curry

Pai Tee

Penang Rojak

Assam Fish

Kerabu Mango

Sour Spicy soup

Penang Curry Laksa

Condiments served

The Chicken Rice Shop :
Address : Viva City Megamall 
Lot L3-040 & L3-041, Level 3, 
Vivacity Megamall, Jalan Wan Alwi, 
93350 Kuching Sarawak. 
Operating Hours : 10am - 10pm
Tel / Fax: 082-263739


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