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  RWMF 2012 [My experience]
Posted at 7/18/2012 10:36:00 PM

Here's a vain picture of me taken on the 2nd night of RWMF before I start my adventure story telling time :D

On the first day of Rainforest World Music Festival(RWMF), John picked me up from home & sent me home as well. But during the workshops we got separated, which is sad cause I no dancing partner until I found my way to the other bloggers of Sarawak Bloggers HAHA :D Nothing much tho. My day was fairly explained in the previous post . Our dinner was extremely yummy! yumms . Too bad no picture but I can describe. Me & John had mutton, curry chicken, beef, veges. Hrmmm. 

My happy face :D !! Sometimes whenever I look at my plate after grabbing some food over the buffet table at any occasions as long as it's buffet, I tend to feel like I over-eat even more than boys. Which is bad . :( 

Oh hey , look on the bright side... for body art lovers, I finally got myself a tattoo.... temporary one of course. 

On my leg. And for this size and design, it only costs RM10 after bargain . Before it was RM15 hehe. This Air Brush tattoo company is from Miri, interested do email me for address :D 

so anyways, the second and third day of RWMF. I went there with Stacy and her mum . Her mum was nice to let me stay over night with them at their Barouque suite! 

It's my first time staying over the hill top at Damai Resort. & it didn't disappoint me at all. I liked the view from my bed even more !!

It was that awesome. Imagine waking up to this view from bed, OR. even better, sitting on the bed with your spouses/partner waiting for the sun to rise every morning. AH, Now I know how I want my future house to look like. Now I just have to find a beach spot to build it HAHA :D

oh since our suite is at the hill top, we had to ring this bell . 

To call a shutter up and send us to the lobby. Altogether it was a 3 minute ride down, yes I counted! I even count how many minutes it took the shuttle drivers to come up to fetch us. & trust me when they say they're never late for more than 3 minutes. :O 

Me & Stacy walked around Sarawak Cultural Village(SCV) , danced like crazy and even got up the stage to dance during the Bollywood dancing workshop :D & we got ourselves a little souvenir from doing the Bollywood dance on stage shamelessly . Awesome ! 

Then we met up with Nisha and Cecile and Kenneth. Then all of us walked around and got ourselves air brush tattoo. :D yayyy

Stacy got herself two pandas, one baby one mum on her right shoulder and EVIL-ANGEL on her left hand. So she's like one side angelic, another side evil. haha. Nisha got herself a Princess on her arm, then butterflies on her leg :D. While I went to browse tattoos at another booth, and decided on Foreveryoung to be air-brush behind my back. I think it was awesome !! so awesome I wish it was permanent :( 


RM100 per head :D

I know. Nisha's awesome ;)

HEHEHE. our little souvenir from being shameless :D It's a big t-shirt ! But the design is nice and unique.  

So since Rush the Beach Fiesta is near, me and Stacy went over as well on the 2nd night. We enjoyed ourselves, despite all the drunkards there.. er. being drunkards. -_-

And one of the random stranger I met told me that, "We must always listen to our hearts before we do something" hahah he said it drunk-ly. So therefore, we must follow our hearts before doing things. We must think whether if it's what we desire to do, or to follow before we do it. :)

From down left ; Marg, Lindy, Garner, Me & Yvonne.

Just some new friends I met who are bloggers of the events too! 


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